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Printable Registration Form is coming soon.

Should I register my kids?
Yes, please register everyone who will be attending (even toddlers in strollers).  This helps us plan for the day of the event.

I have a family member who wants to join my team but may not be able to attend the walk.  Can they still join my team?
Yes, family members can still support you by joining your team and fundraising as a team member even if they are unable to attend. 

Some of my family would like to come, but not walk.  Do they need to register?
Yes – Please register any person who plans to attend any of the indoor events. The registration fee remains a modest $15 per Adult (19+) or $10 per Child/Young Adult (18 and under).

Is there a late fee?
No.  We do not impose a late fee, but in order to be receive a T-shirt, you must register and pre-order by July 15, 2018. 
What is the cut-off to register or join a team?
You can register online up to the day before the event.   Registration is also available onsite the day of the event.  To save time if registering on the day of walk, download and fill out the registration form (coming soon).  

However, to receive a T-shirt, you must register and pre-order by July 15, 2018

Is it better to register online or register the morning of the walk?
There are many advantages to registering before the walk: 
1.    Registering before July 15, 2018 gives you the opportunity to receive a T-shirt.
2.    Each person that registers will receive a webpage within the Autism Society of Nebraska Puzzle Walk website. This will give friends and family a place to go where they can donate. You can also customize this page with a photo and special message.

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Who should checks be made payable to? 
Please ask your supporters to make checks payable to the Autism Society of Nebraska.

Do I have to send in my donations? Can I bring them with me to the walk?
You can bring your donations to the walk. You can also record the offline donation to your fundraising page to receive credit for incentive prizes. 

What if people want to give me cash? What if my donors don't want to donate online? Can I continue to collect donations after the walk? Where do I send the checks?

  • If you are given cash, please convert all cash received to checks or money orders. If possible, send the check/money order for the full amount along with the donation form to the Autism Society of Nebraska. Record the offline donations on your fundraising page so we can reconcile the donations.
  • If donors don’t want to donate online, they can always mail/give their donations to you.
  • If you collect donations after the walk, please send them with a donation form to the address below.

Then mail the donation (checks or money orders only) in with a donation form to:
Autism Society of Nebraska
Grand Island Walk
PO Box 83559
Lincoln, NE 68501-3559
**Please note: Mailed donations need to be received by May 2 in order to count towards the top fundraising prizes and incentive prizes.

Where do I get donation forms?
Click here for a Donation Form. The link to record offline donations is called "make a donation offline" and is located just under your goals.

Are donations tax deductible?
Your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by the law. Autism Society of Nebraska is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Our tax ID number is 14-1540002.

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Where should I park on the day of the event?
The school has ample FREE parking. 

Are pets allowed at the walk?
Sorry, pets are not allowed.  We are trying to secure therapy animals to attend and interact with the children. Only service dogs are permitted at the walk.

Are strollers and wheelchairs allowed at the walk?
Yes.  Strollers and wheelchairs are all welcome.

Are bikes, rollerblades, scooters or skateboards allowed at the walk?
For everyone's safety, we cannot allow any of these items.

I may not make it to the walk when Check-In/Registration opens.  Can I arrive late?
Yes.  Check-in will be open until 11:00 a.m.  Please go directly to the check-in area when you arrive.

What happens if it rains on the day of the walk?
Heartland Lutheran High School, is an indoor/outdoor location where activities will continue inside rain or shine. Only the actual Puzzle Walk and a few outdoor activities may be affected by weather. This event will be held on the date scheduled "rain or shine". 

What do I need to bring with me on the day of the walk?
If you have any donations, bring them along with a donation form.  Otherwise come to have fun!

If I don't pick up my t-shirt/incentive prizes at the event, can I get these item(s) mailed to me?
To reduce costs, ensuring that more dollars are directed to the mission of the Autism Society of Nebraska, t-shirts and incentive prizes will be available on walk day only. 

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What time is the Puzzle Walk?
The Puzzle Walk will start at later in the morning.   

What happens if it rains on the day of the walk?
All indoor events will still be held on the date scheduled "rain or shine". These events start at 9:00 a.m. However, if extremely severe weather is anticipated, please watch for an announcement at  

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I think my company matches.  How do I get this started? How do I find out if my company matches gifts? 
Every company handles its own matching gift program differently.  Please contact your company's Human Resources department for instructions on how to double your fundraising efforts through matching gifts. If you are uncertain as to your company policy, please contact the Human Resources department at your company and inquire if they have matching gifts. 

Where do I send my matching gift form?
Send to: 
Autism Society of Nebraska
Grand Island Walk—Gift Match
PO Box 83559.
Lincoln, NE 68501-3559
Please bring a copy of the form to the event in order to receive credit on your fundraising amounts for the matching gift.  

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